4’9 Sport


Pick your colour, board size and wing option. The kit includes:

  • 1 battery
  • Board bag and mast bag
  • Charger
  • Hand controller
  • Data cable

Estimated LIFT4 eFoil delivery is 2 weeks.

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The LIFT4 4’9 offers the ideal balance between stability and performance. If you want a board that is going to allow you to grow your skills as a foiler and still be able to share it with friends and family, look no further.

Our 4’9 Sport is the perfect size and shape for just about all of your foiling needs and offers easy transport and handling.


  • The 210 Camber Pro flies beautifully at a slightly higher speed bracket, and carves turns with ease
  • The 200 Surf V2 provides more lift at lower speeds, making it a great option for riders new to eFoiling
  • Back Wings: The 36 Glide provides plenty of turning capability. The 46 Glide offers more pitch stability for a slightly more relaxed ride

Estimated LIFT4 eFoil delivery is 2 weeks.

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Weight43 kg
Dimensions126 × 65 × 8 cm