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As eFoil lovers we want to share our passion and do our best to spread this sport all around the world! We aim to create a large eFoil family together with your support. We believe we can create something truly unique for this sport, create a synergies where all the eFoil Clubs are connected, sharing and helping each other.

 We can help in every stage of this business, either if you are starting from scratch or already have some experience and looking to grow. We want to share our knowledge, resources, know-how, all what we have learnt and the ups and downs of this business.

As you all know this is a very new sport which is getting momentum right now, let’s take advantage and let’s build something AWESOME!

What we provide




With our experience and your enthusiam we can join forces and aim in one direction, follow our passions and make a profitable business while having a blast!

If you are interested in becoming an eFoil Club, it’s really easy, just get in contact with us and tell us about you.

Tell us your story and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Future eFoil Clubs

We are looking for expansion and for reliable partners who want to work and make something special out of it.

Come and be part of this exciting adventure, join the biggest eFoil family and lets grow all together!

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